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Mustang GT

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The Mustang GT is our flagship Mustang housed in a touring friendly enclosure. It's roughly the size of a standard boss pedal. We retained everything from the large box Mustang in the Grand Touring edition.

The Mustang GT is a class-A overdrive based on one of the most iconic recording channels, the Neve 1073.

Supercharged with a modified gain control and variable feedback, the Mustang GT lets the player to control the harmonic content and breakup, allowing for a soaring, searing overdrive typically unattainable by its studio brethren.

In contrast the player can roll down the harmonics for a smooth, classy tone similar to a studio preamp. A JFET front end offers a high impedance input and delivers a healthy signal to the sensitivity control, which provides most of the gain and input level.

The simple layout is inspired by the motor-sports of yesteryear; rugged, effective machines that served their purpose and let their operators perform their best. The design of the Mustang GT is no frills, with a focus on tone.

The custom chassis sports a uv print by pedal artist Nick Smith, and is an homage to the iconic car and warplane that share the Mustang name.

Similar to other Lauren Audio pedals, the internals are stocked with high quality parts. The transistors are BC109C as spec'd in the original Neve documents, and all components are selected to emulate the classic build.

High quality coupling caps, polystyrene filtering/feedback caps, and low noise resistors provide studio quality tone. The internal voltage multiplier supplies the circuit with 24v like the classic rack unit, delivering incredible headroom and dynamic depth.

Connections are handled by Pure-Tone and Lumberg jacks, switching is a GØRVA high quality true bypass switch, and controls are Alpha pots with GØRVA metal knobs for rugged use.

Power Draw: 65ma~
Dimensions: 4.85" x 2.75" x 1.85"
Input Impedance: 10Mohm~
Output Impedance: 25kohm~
9V only