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Pedals got here fine and both work great. Only had time to run my Seaglass Rt6 Jr with p90s into a 90s Fender Blues Deluxe but holey mackerel. I've watched every video I could find on the Mustang, especially the Demos in the Dark, too many times to admit to, but none capture the true interaction of that Tone control with the Gain. The volume jump as you increase the Tone can catch you off guard but the results are audio magic. The Mustang deserves the hype and rep as a great pedal, but I hope everyone takes the time to dial in the different sweet spots. It is not a one sound pedal and the nuances it can yield are well worth the little bit of time it takes to see what the Mustang can truly do.  I found if I treated it like a console channel and but it at the end of my gain stages, OD, Distortion, Fuzz, it gave me a better consistency than at the head of that section. That way, for my setup, it could be even better as a standalone, stacker, or boost. Thanks again for what you do and build, it is really my pleasure to have added your audio vision to my rig. - Dave P